Using the SAAW

A full time SAAW user can really annoy the enemy pilots. You do not have to destroy every aircraft to make the affect but if the enemy knows that as soon as they start flying around a lock on will occur they may just decide not to bother and thus the side you are on can gain air dominance

A lock on without firing can result in enemy aircraft taking defensive measures and thus for a short period reduce deaths on your side

Good pilots will seek you out and try to kill you – try not to continually camp in the one spot and also watch your previous position for possible aircraft target. Good enemy Commanders or aircraft pilots will send soldiers out to get rid of SAAW users. Therefore – be a sneaky bast@rd!

Use motion mines in your vicinity to help deter vehicles from running you over or at least get revenge on pilots who run you down

A good gunship pilot will likely be able to out run/maneuver SAAW missiles if you shoot at them from a distance. Don’t bother shooting at aircraft which are on the edge of visibility

Be patient and wait for aircraft to get closer – the chances of getting a hit are much better as the pilot has a reduced reaction time

Some pilots will hit their shields quickly when you establish a lock on. Wait a couple of seconds to see if they do this and after a few seconds of their shield being on then fire

I have found that SAAW missiles have a better chance to hit if you remained zoomed in on the aircraft even after firing the second missile. Ie hold the mouse firing button down after firing the second shot and continually track the aircraft

Once you have lock on a moving aircraft you can lead the aircraft before firing the SAAW. This can decrease the time it takes for the missile to reach the target

Firing directly from behind the aircraft increases the chance of a hit

Duelling enemy aircraft are a prime target for shooting down as they tend to be distracted as well as having a greater possibility of already using their shields

If you have to take a head on shot at an aircraft aim directly at the nose. This increases the chance of a direct hit rather than a guided hit

For kills it is usually better just to go for gunships rather than transports as it takes 2 hits to kill a healthy gunship and a minimum of three hits to kill a transport

For team play shoot at transports hoping that friendly aircraft will finish off the job as it is likely that the time it takes to reload the SAAW the transport is out of range. Also it is likely that transport passengers are likely to bail from a transport being hit – thus delaying the time for them to reach their objective. If you see a smoking transport go for it!

Don’t reload after firing one missile. You will lose the remaining missile. Firing one missile is not too productive – you are best to shoot two missiles at a time and then track the enemy aircraft

If you are dedicating yourself to a full round of being a SAAW user create a squad and become a squad leader. Talk to the Commander telling him that you are a dedicated SAAW user and that you will help keep the sky clean of enemy aircraft. This usually results in the Commander being more eager to drop you a supply crate when requested

Do not expect to get a huge amount a game points being a dedicated SAAW user. Remember that you are doing it for your team

If possible find a vehicle to allows greater movement flexibility. Pilots are attracted to destroying enemy vehicles so this gives you closer targets to shoot at. Either park the vehicle in the open and remain in the vicinity or remain in vehicle and the hit shields when enemy aircraft is attacking, jump out and shoot the aircraft as it passes by

Shooting at an aircraft that is close by and above a Titan it not usually successful as the pilot can move over the Titan and cause missile lock failure

Dedicated gunship pilots really hate you and will try to make you life a misery. Expect this and realise that the effort they take to kill you will distract them from doing more damage to your side

Expect to see kick votes against your name from immature pilots who take the game too seriously



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