Updating Strings.csv

Instructions :

  • Download the File… “strings.csv” by Clicking Here and save it locally
  • Find the original file and make a backup copy, should be somewhere like x:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Localization\
  • Double check you have a backup copy of the original
  • Replace “strings.csv” with the one you just downloaded

What does it do?


  • Adds in almost all of the scoring system… You did something good (+1)
  • Changes a few of the messages to be more meaningful (There is a problem with your connection)
  • Adds pretty colours for the top-left messages
  • Adds in the TK-weapon
  • Changes “is no more” to “killed himself”
  • Changes weapon text colour
  • Everything is MUCH MUCH easier to read


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