Trouble getting onto the enermy titan?

Recently some of you (new players) have had a spot of bother trying to get onto the enermy titan. So Ive made this guide just to help a few of you guys out.

Ok your probabaly familar with the titan hanger, yep youve had hours of fun playing in the hanger. At some stage youve probably come arcoss two large aircraft in the titan hanger,the big fat one thats a transport, while the other one, this ones abit more skinny than the other one, thats a gunship. Guys grabbing the gunship, is not a valid tactic to get onto the enermy titan for the sole purpose of jumping out. Sometimes there might be a gunner in there and he/she might get hurt so best dont take this one guys. Because we have to look after our gunship gunners guys, they’d do the same for you. Ok lets just have a quite moment now to thank all our gunship gunners.

Gunship gunners you do a great job and we’re really thankful for your input into our team its a tough job you do out there and were proud to have you with us.

ok now lets look at some ways of getting onto the enermy titan, (yes because thats what were all excited about!)

1) Join a squad.

Squads can be alot of fun and are a great way to meet new ppl, by joining a squad you’ll get to spawn with your squad leader or on the squad leader beacon, just click on the green dot, (this ones abit more tricky) than a white dot, and hey presto, your be with your squad leader. You’ll also get extra points for being in a squad WOW so many bonuses!

2) Pod from an APC

Just drive over to the enermy titan in an APC, push F3 then right click and wow your in the air, bet you didn’t know that one, dont be afriad you wont die when you land. 

3) Use the titan pods.

Ok you know the titan guns yeah you love the titan guns dont you, hours and hours shooting at a red silo, spamming away, you pound that silo, you own that silo, that silos yours isnt it bitch! you show that silo whose boss dont you. You the MAN, MAN MAN MAN. WHOSE THE MAN? YOUR THE MAN. 

ok lets push “E” along the sides of the titan wall and there is pods there wow something else to play with. Now we dont sit in the pods we right click straight away, weeeeeeeee, pods are fun aren’t they? Lets GO AGAIN!

4) Dont take the transport, you’ll just crash it anyway.

Thanks for reading my giude i hope you find it useful, feel free to msg me if you have any questions or quirres.


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