The dont’s of titan commanding.

Hey guys 

Your old enough now, and its about time we sat down and had a little talk. 
Its all about being a commander, being a commander is a big job and its very important we read the guide on being a good commander, because we all want to be big and strong commanders dont we?

Ok heres a few different sorts of commanders just so we can get familiar with some of the possible errors potential commanders may have made at some stage.

1) Minesweeper commander.

Ok your commander, but what to do? oh look there is a speical tactical screen here, i can see the whole game in progress! OMG! ok now better start clicking. Clicking followed by more clicking. click click click, oh look at me, im such a good commander helping out my team, “enermy tank spotted” “enermy tank spotted” “all right we’ve got enermy forces” and so on such forth. we dont use the UAV though because the dog ate the intructions on how to lauch that, clicking is where its at. click, born to click.

2) Special commander.

Your new, but there is something about you, youve got ambition, your creative, youve got a twinkle in your eye. You want to be Commander.
This guy will always want to be commander. Except, well, usally do nothing as far as command. not even a single “all right we’ve got enermy forces” here folks. 
But your special, youve got a star above your name like the ones mummy puts on the fridge. Your the commander.

3) Cannonfodder commander.

You thought you were in the line for cheap oranges but somehow ended up being commander, running up hallway 2 on the enermy titan screaming “man down” “man down” as your battle cry. Then you try and ram transports into the back of this thing until it will blow up… You then go AFK because your mum keeps telling you to clean your room. You hate cleaning your room. But dad plays it! That games so voilent dear, im telling daddy to stop playing it.

4) BedFellow Commanders.

This commander is actually trying his/her best to command, only problem is most of the squads are comprissed of bunny rabbits and simular woodlend creatures. All soft a furry they tend to find where the commander is hiding, (usally lying down) and proceed to lye down next to them. That it, sometimes you’ll see 3 or 4 of them just lying down snuggling up with the commander. 
Its then you go out of the tactial map, near to your defeat, and realise you’ve been a bedfellow commander the whole time.

5) Learner driver commanders.

This commander, will most likely not move the titan forward, until the other titan is well on its way over the map, then after repeated requests to move the titan forward they’ll manage to get it smack bag over a silo just as the sheilds go down. Only to be hammmered over and over again by the missle reguardless of who owns the silo.

Happy commanding.


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