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    Wassat Oggy ? Not porn…a cyclone mebbe?

    Doomed were all doomed I hear you mutter…..all this weather is very boding dont you think ??
    Boding wot I ask myself but boding nonetheless 😛

    Ooh I just googled ya weather

    Current: Thunderstorm
    Wind: W at 13 km/h
    Humidity: 94%

    25 C

    Hoor ah..bring on the rain

  • Just like to confirm that – if..and I say..if I have been in that pac gunship I would have started cursing around 11 secs in when it was all ground strafing and starting retching about 31 secs in when everything is upside down / backwards flight.

    Fortunately I did not sit in a gunship the whole round ….I learned my mistake is taking too long…[Read more]

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    Try it again NOW…ya BLeater

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