Battlefield 2142 patch 1.51

From an article by a game site’s visit to DICE :

Q: Will the security measures in the forthcoming BF2 patch be implemented into 2142? Are there ANY coming updates?

A: Yes, Battlefield 2142 Update 1.51 is currently in the works and addresses security additions that Battlefield 2 has. Battlefield 2142 1.51 currently has account verification to prevent name/ID spoofing built into it.

Q: DICE is noted in the community for its imaginative games such as BF2 and Mirrors Edge. How do you encourage developers to be creative?

A: Everyone at DICE is already creative in their own ways which is why we work here! DICE is very supportive of everyone’s creativity even to the point that every week time is set aside for everyone at DICE to come up with their own game and put them forward to management. Who knows, a game that gets released in the future could have originated from an idea thought up during this process.

The cool office doesn’t hurt the creativity either. 🙂

Q: Do you believe modding groups such as the Sir. Community, Project Reality and Forgotten Hope have had a positive impact on the Battlefield series?

A: The modding community has been a massive boost to Battlefield over the years and the work they all do is great to see. We have worked with modding groups in the past and even been proud to release Battlefield 2142 content officially from Jason Brice and The Sir. Community. The modding community is an area we would like to support more in the future.

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