Battlefield 4 Beta: Klawful's Review

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3 years 11 months ago #18341 by S.A.F Klawful
S.A.F Klawful created the topic: Battlefield 4 Beta: Klawful's Review
So I've been playing the Beta, and have been putting off judgement till I've had time to give it a fair go.

Here's what I think of the beta so far:

The Launch
For a starters, it's was a relatively smooth launch for the PC gamers, apart from a few "DC'd from EA" bugs that got fixed. However, there has been a known bug related to low FPS.

Overall, the graphics HAVE been improved. But as I mentioned above there is a known bug. Tons of people even with high-end rigs are getting much lower FPS than they should, along with stuttering and random FPS drops. Some of this has been fixed by one of the following:
- Changing to latest drivers (or hunting for a stable one)
- Lowering the game settings
- Changing to Windows 8 (In some cases)
Personally I'm getting 50-60fps on High (GTX580, i5 2500k), and I'm still randomly getting FPS drops to 8FPS or less for a second or two at a time. This makes flying REALLY annoying.
All this being said, EA/Dice have confirmed that this Beta is an OLD release, and that the FPS bug has been fixed for the most part. And they don't forsee it being a major problem at launch. (Which to me, sounds like "It'll still affect SOME people").
I'm guessing within the first 2-3 weeks both nVidia and AMD will release brand new drivers that help address this issue and optimize it further.

Well, it's no surprise that it does feel like Battlefield 3 in alot of ways. But they have added some new features.
They now have a simple "left click to accept revive" and "right click to just redeploy" option. I like that ALOT.
You can now design a custom emblem that appears on your soldiers arm or vehicle. (I had fun designing what looks like a dog/wolf)
You can now have 5 people in a squad, not 4. This is REALLY awesome.
They added in-game VOIP! You can freely chat to anyone within your squad, and the quality is pretty decent. Tactically, this REALLY amp's up the teamwork ten fold. I love to point out places to defend, campers, easy kills, not to mention being able to tell your squadmate "I'll cover this door, you cover the other". However, they DO need a simpler/easier way to mute annoying players instantly. I'm hoping for a keyboard button that once pressed, instantly mutes the last person who spoke.
Also, Commander mode has returned. However this was disabled for the beta, so meh.
New vehicle firing system. Ok, so to make it so you can't just keep firing over and over with aircraft/vehicles/tanks etc they have added a new what I'll call a "Pre-loading" system. You still technically have unlimited ammo, but if you fire too much main gun, you'll quickly deplete your "Pre-loaded" or "Reserve" rounds. Meaning you'll have to wait for them to be loaded, which is slower than firing pre-loaded rounds. These rounds reload slowly. So basically, you'll want to plan out your attacks. Frankly, it's a really good system. More realistic, without leaving you ammo-less.

I'll start with the tanks. They move fast, handle well, and seem relatively balanced as far as defense goes. The main gun seems pretty balanced, but currently it has problems with firing over/past cover. While we all know the tank round at most is what? 40-60mm wide? But the round has trouble firing past corners and over objects. Even if you seem to give plenty of width, it's as if the tank round is 2ft wide. Thus hitting lamp posts and all sorts of shit you'd expect it to fly clean over.
As for the LAV's, the main cannon is BRUTAL against infantry, about the same as BF3 but direct hits are 2 shot kills or less. However, if you equip the TOW missile, it seems to recharge a BIT too fast for the HUGE damage it does. You can fire a full burst of main cannon and a TOW right after, repeatedly. Against tanks, this can reduce them to shrapnel in mere seconds.
Finally, the armored car thing moves too slow.

YES! They added an attack boat that's ACTUALLY effective. It's main cannon is like a LAV's, but with more range, less drop, and 30 in the magazine! Works reasonably well against tanks, except front armor. Works REALLY well against any helicopter flying too low/slow, and decimates infantry almost as good as a LAV. It also has 2 wide-angle miniguns (like you'd find on a blackhawk) on the back, but they only seem to really threaten helicopters and light vehicles. Even against infantry you have to be really close or REALLY accurate.
The downside, is that if you hit a dead end... the thing reverses REALLY slow, leaving you a sitting duck. The armor of the boat is pretty decent, probably a bit higher than a main tank. So 3 well aimed tank hits pretty much destroy's it.
The jet ski's are what you'd expect, maneuverable, fast, seating 2 players. And yes, you can load em with C4.... making em deadly against the attack boat.
Overall, I CANNOT wait to see a sea-land based map where there are 2-4 or more of these!

Helicopters (No jets in the beta, so can't speak for them)
Well, they've majorly upgraded the handling and aiming system. I can actually fly and gun really effectively against tanks now. However, unless you attack from the rear with a perfect volley or your gunner helps, completely taking out a tank in 1 strafing run is hard. Good and fair.
As for the gunner, the new pre-loading system has majorly changed the role. It even seems a bit TOO strict for the gunner sometimes, being without any rounds to fire for upto 10+ seconds or so, maybe more. Damage is still brutal against infantry tho, and tanks. Also, the lock-on system has been re-done. Much easier. Um, but yeah. There's a few bugs where you hear tone from an enemy locking on, but the enemy has actually fired, and it doesn't change sound. So you don't even get a chance to flare. I'm hoping this will be fixed before launch, cuz it really sucks.
The blackhawk's are pretty much the same, nothing new. 2 miniguns and transport.

The Map (Conquest)
Ok, I really think they could of chosen a MUCH better map for the beta. But obviously they wanted to show off the skyscraper destruction.
The sheer number of roof tops encourages ALOT of camping. While I can see the tactical side of it, sometimes you get just too many snipers sitting on roofs not doing ANYTHING but go for kills instead of going for the objective.
As for the skyscaper, the destruction does get pretty boring quickly. The whole thing is supported by 4 main front stone columns, which only need 2 tank rounds each to destroy. So alot of the time, the tower is down within the first 4-5mins or less.
The elevator system is a bit of a hit/miss. If the enemy is listening for the 'Ding!' sound, your trip up could mean an easy death at the hands of someone waiting. BUT, if you have a few mates who are REALLY quick on the trigger, it can be ALOT of fun to burst out of that elevator and catch an ENTIRE floor by surprise.
The rest of the map is actually kinda interesting at times, with LAV's being able to swim, the blackhawk able to drop infantry to any rooftop/skyscraper.
But yeah, really want more maps now!

More of the same, better graphics, some new perks. Commander mode could be interesting. At this point, I'm still pretty sold, even tho I actually didn't like the beta map that much.
I just hope the Jets are rebalanced for BF4. I still believe they were over-powered in BF3, with the AA tank being VERY under-powered. But that's just me.


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3 years 11 months ago #18342 by S.A.F Klawful
S.A.F Klawful replied the topic: Battlefield 4 Beta: Klawful's Review
Oh, and to top off my review. The new "Obliteration" game mode is complete BULLSHIT.

But that's just my opinion.

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3 years 11 months ago #18343 by S.A.F M3RRiK
S.A.F M3RRiK replied the topic: Battlefield 4 Beta: Klawful's Review
Nice review of the Beta. ;)

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