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Battlefield 3 wishlist

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6 years 9 months ago - 6 years 9 months ago #12779 by S.A.F Dman
S.A.F Dman created the topic: Battlefield 3 wishlist
Battlefield 3 – Endless possibilities. BF3 speculation & wish list.

The gaming community has been blessed with the recent BF3 development news. So what do we know so far? It has been announced that the game will indeed be a multi-platform port. DICE studios emphasizes that the PC community will not be hurt by this, and that the game will deliver. Much anticipation and hype is building up towards this title. (Is this the next MW2?) Battlefield 2 introduced many key features never seen before in any other FPS. No doubt DICE will have to out-do themselves and up-the-anty with their third installment. In this article we will discuss possible new features and introduce a few of our own ideas, with the hope that DICE will actually incorporate them into the final product.
Jets, jets, jets.

The Battlefield series owes a big part of its popularity to big maps and JETS. It took finesse and skill to fly these things at high speeds, and be able to accurately kill your target without much “collateral damage”. Battlefield 2 had a variety of jets but all of the fractions lacked one model I think we would all like to see. Stealth bombers. Bare with me here. Imagine a dedicated bomber that is NOT visible on radar. It would lack the AIR to AIR strike ability, but in exchange would be a superb bomber. To balance the game out they would have to be slow flying and less maneuverable. Due to the stealthiness, air fighters would not be able to lock on to it with a missile. The only way to bring it down would be with an AIR to AIR machine gun. If this seems like a silly idea well then at least give us the mighty AC-130 gunship

Get to the choppa !!
Flying any kind of chopper in BF2 was pure art form. Some members were able to “squash” their enemies with the tip of their machine gun. Killing them without firing a single bullet. In this category BF3Nation staff has 2 requests. One of them is for DICE NOT TO NERF THE CHOPPER CONTROLLS !! It took some skill to fly these things and we would like for that to stay the same. If for any reason the choppers will have the same flying characteristic as helicopters in Battlefield Bad Company 2, well then I can guarantee you massive loss of fan base. In our opinion flying is a big part of what made BF2 popular, and ruining that experience would be sacrilegious. Second request is to bring in the big dogs, the flying workhorse, the big kahuna… We are talking about the Chinook helicopter. We need a vehicle transport platform to get the equipment faster to the Battlefield. If any of you played “Joint Operations – Typhoon Rising” (by Novalogic) then you know how much fun it was to load a tank and 2 Humvee’s into the Chinook and drop them off where the action is. And just imagine how much fun it would be to blast a fully loaded Chinook off the sky. (I’m already drooling over the multiple kill screen shot)

Seat switching.
Since we are discussing everything air its time to talk about the infamous seat switching. While it was fun to do, it ruined the team play experience. It encouraged skilled players to hawk the AIR machines from them self. If you were lucky enough to grab a seat as a gunner, you would most likely be red-lined out of it. Its pure and simple. Make it so seat switching is impossible. This way more members would allow a gunner to tag along with them. As far as jets go, we had a nifty little idea of adding ejection seats. While it would not add anything to the game play, it sure would look nice to watch that seat pop in the air right before your about to deliver the final death blow.

Ground Vehicles.
Battlefield 2 had a variety of land vehicles. Not much improvement can be made here. We noticed one thing that most (if not all) of the vehicles are close range. In real world war these days its all about the distance. How about including a very popular MRLS m270 long range rocket launcher? Sounds over powering? If doesn’t have to be. It could only work with conjunction of an “military target painter”. A ground troop would have to place a device (or target with a laser) an enemy object and relay the information to the MRLS m270 driver. It would only encourage team play and bring in something new to the battlefield.

The big wide open sea.
Plenty of battles in the world take place on the sea. Its time to incorporate that into the new battlefield. Steerable gun ships that sit a few gun-manned players would be a start. Add that to an island filled map and you’ve got yourself a good game. We are not talking about having steerable air-craft carriers. Small time support vessels would do. They could provide great sea-to-land support and sea-to-sea battles.

Some random additions that could be fun.
Wind !! Add wind to the game. Have the parachute flyers be dependent on the wind direction. Its not fair to have an accurate pinpoint drop every time you exit an aircraft. With wind the drops would have to be planned and executed correctly. Wind would also apply to snipers. No longer would it be easy to snipe someone from a long distance if there was wind involved. Lets face it, snipers are a despised bunch and we should not make their life easy.
Karma/Reputation system.

Besides the points, medals & ranks there should be a honor/reputation system implemented. The reputation should be visible to all players on the map. The rep system would indicate if the individual is a team player or not. Lets say you are a notorious red-liner or a TK’er… Other players would be able to +/- your reputation for everyone else to see. The scoring system could be automatic if DICE implemented a proper algorithm to track such things. Yes there could be drawbacks of a system like this but we believe that it could work. Everyone should know who they are dealing with on the battlefield. If you are a douche that should be clearly visible to all your team members.
Taken from > -Battlefield-3-BF3Nation

I completely agree with the control scheme should be more like Bf2. It had a learnng curve which made it so much more interesting. Anyone have any other suggestions as to what should be in the next sequel???
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6 years 7 months ago #13405 by SbeeezyybRo
SbeeezyybRo replied the topic: Re: Battlefield 3 wishlist
This is gonna be epic game tbh :)

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6 years 7 months ago #13411 by S.A.F OggyMan
S.A.F OggyMan replied the topic: Re: Battlefield 3 wishlist
is there a short version...

to much reading...

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6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 7 months ago #13415 by S.A.F I-Robot
S.A.F I-Robot replied the topic: Re: Battlefield 3 wishlist

S.A.F Dman wrote: If this seems like a silly idea well then at least give us the mighty AC-130 gunship


While cool I think it would just be overkill, literally.

Check the youtube clips for the AC-130 sppoky.


Somebody should suggest this, would be quite clever, fly or use as UAV :

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6 years 7 months ago #13431 by S.A.F Kastaboy
S.A.F Kastaboy replied the topic: Re: Battlefield 3 wishlist
yeah and have maps like jalalabad and strike at karkand !!!!, will be awesome!!! damn maybe i should go back to bf2?

na looking ahead to the future!!!............BF3...........

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