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Neverwinter: Open Beta Review by Klawful

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4 years 4 months ago #18158 by S.A.F Klawful
S.A.F Klawful created the topic: Neverwinter: Open Beta Review by Klawful
Hey guys,

Just thought I'd write a small review of a MMORPG I've given a go. Neverwinter, which has gone Open Beta recently.

Neverwinter is based on the entire Dungeons and Dragons series of games, so you'll find a HUGE map covering everything from Baldur's Gate to Luskan, Amn, and more.

The graphics are very modern and nice. Huge amount of character and monster detail. The scenery is crisp, but not overly super or anything. Still MORE than nice enough to not leave you wanting.

The character customisation is purely awesome, you can fully customise your head and body. And there is a fashion option ingame so you can wear EPIC armor that doesn't look the way you want, but then have it showing cooler armor/clothing that you have found.

The combat is good, action based. You have full WASD control of your movement, and the button layout for the skills is simple and easy to adjust to. There is no just standing there and spamming buttons either, the enemies have big area attacks you'll need to avoid, and special abilities you have to time well.

Their secret weapon however, without a doubt, is a tool they've included called "The Foundry".

The foundry is giant toolkit you can use to create ANY quest/adventure yourself. Everything from Monsters to NPC dialogue. Then share the adventure for people to play, and vote on. Finding the BEST new quests from players is easy, and ALOT of them are better than what the developers themselves can create.
This opens things up, and gives the game potential for literally infinite content, even at endgame.

Overall, I'm enjoying it alot so far. Lots to do.

If you want to join me, I'm on the "Mindflayer" Shard as "Klawful" and "Ogramoor". The game is a 4gb download, and the torrent link is the fastest.

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4 years 4 months ago #18159 by S.A.F Masterpetey
S.A.F Masterpetey replied the topic: Neverwinter: Open Beta Review by Klawful
finished NWN 1 with the Shadows of undrentide and Hoards of the under dark expansions, and almost completed NWN2, thanks for this, im lookng into it, always loved this type of gameplay

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