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Your perfect gaming room setup...

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6 years 2 months ago #14981 by S.A.F Klawful
S.A.F Klawful created the topic: Your perfect gaming room setup...
Thought it'd be good fun to compare ideas on what you guys reckon would be the ideal room, if you could have one, just for gaming. Im sure everyone will have something to add.


A nice medium-small sized room, a dark shade of paint, but not too dark. Around the screen/seat would be bare, so as not to distract me. But behind the seating would be all manner of game posters on the walls.
Walls completely sound-proof, and insulated.
Carpet, with underlay and insulated.
Good lighting, either voice-controlled, or simply computer activated.
A small heat-pump, the controls either hooked into my pc, or within easy arms-reach of the seating.
Good 32 inch screen, giving me room to sit back quite a bit. Mounted to the adjustable wall bracket.
The keyboard and mouse would sit on a board that is attached to a bendy arm, so I can move it out of the way when I get up. It would also have a cup-holder or two, and a place to sit the chocolate/lollies.
A "sumo" brand bean-bag chair for my seat.
A dedicated 7.1 stereo speaker setup, running into a Hi-fi Grade soundcard. Carefully adjusted.
To my right, a mini-fridge. Stocked with beer, bourbon RTD's, energy drinks, and a bit of chocolate.

Not suprising, many people have already done most of this. But one can dream... a nice setup to relax, and just comfortably throw yourself into a game for a hour or so without a care in the world. A mini-holiday... just in a battlefield with guns and rockets, instead of a beach with sand and sun. Only difference, is that'd be in your own home, available whenever you have free-time and need a break, just a bit more luxurious than the usual "desk in the corner". heh

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