MAA v Jets

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S.A.F OggyMan created the topic: MAA v Jets

As the game has been maturing it has become increasingly difficult to keep airpower in check with the tools given to us by Dice. Over the course of several patches Dice has seen fit to rebalance these tools with a net effect of reducing their overall effectiveness against everything.

The primary tool to combat air power in conquest is of course the mobile aa, henceforth referred to as MAA. The MAA has never been good at combating aircraft at range, its utility has always been at medium to close range, with greater effectiveness as the targets get closer.

For a while this was sufficient. Pilots of jets and helicopters both were still learning and would often stray within the effective range of the local MAA and get disabled/shot down in short order. As time progressed however they learned and evolved, using the tools they posses to their maximum effect. The tools in question being the rocket pods with the effect being their outranging of the MAA cannon and naturally the stinger/igla pods as well. Bottom line? The MAA is unable to defend itself or it's teammates from attack, as it will be disabled and or destroyed before the target is within range. This is in the optimal condition where the MAA is aware of the target before it comes under attack. Should this not the case the MAA does not stand a chance.

Additionally to the lack of proper range vs rocket pods there are other factors that keep the MAA from being effective.

- 3D spotting from/for jets renders would be visual cover or evasive maneuvers ineffective, this goes for all ground vehicles.
-The global armor nerf on the MAA has served to render it ill suited to be on the front lines, as an MBT will two-shot it and disable in one after reactive armor.
-The damage nerf versus infantry and armor has rendered it very difficult to defend against these units.
-The global repair tool nerf has made recovering a disabled vehicle (MAA or no) after an airstrike impossible.

All of these factors have only limited the MAA when it wasn't that great versus skilled air to begin with. While some of these nerfs were required, but perhaps carried too far (the infantry damage/armor nerf), I find myself unable to enjoy a game of Caspian Border or Kharg if the enemy team posses a more skilled pilot team than my team does.

As far as vehicle interaction goes, I'm unpleasantly reminded of Battlefield 2 where your entire experience on the ground depended on how and what your own jets were doing. This is untenable. Just like then I find myself herded to "light air/no air" maps where I have some say in whether or not I'm going to die. Just like then I fear the game will quickly degenerate into a state where there are 200 metro/karkand servers for every single vehicle heavy server.

I'll wager Dice devs will have better insight in how to rebalance things, but these are my two cents on how it could possibly be fixed. The MAA should be at least as effective against air as the heli/jet are currently against the ground and units like the MBT are against units like the MAA.

-Undo the armor nerf. With MAA unable to destroy armor or effectively engage infantry there is no need for the MAA to be made of paper anymore, this will give it more resilience against the one target it is kind of equipped to engage.

-Boost the MAA cannon range and damage or nerf the accuracy and or damage of jet/heli rocket pods so a direct confrontation between the MAA and a jet/heli will be a stalemate at worst.
-Disable personal 3D spotting from all vehicles. Only others may 3D spot vehicles for you.

My 2c
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