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8 years 5 months ago #2947 by S.A.F OggyMan
S.A.F OggyMan created the topic: Heroes
Hello Heroes.

Now is the time to create your REAL Heroes!

We have removed all of your test Heroes. However, don?t be sad. Now is the time of REAL Heroes. No more practicing. These are the Heroes you can take with you into the full launch of the game ? to show off to your friends, the n00bs and the world at large!

So you can make these new Heroes the coolest possible we will also be opening the doors of the Battlefield Heroes Store with this update.

Whether you want to look unique, want to make fun of your fallen enemies, want to level up faster or want to earn more Valor Points to get that special weapon faster, the Battlefield Heroes Store has the right item for you!

To celebrate the opening of the store, we have created some awesome time-limited offers for you!

Look out for these items in the Store menu, in the game.

All XP and VP Boost items are 50% off until the 8th of April! Stock up on these now, while the discount lasts!
[Image: 2882] [Image: 2883]

The very popular Pirate and Martial Arts Outfits are only available until the 15th of April. National Heroes are able to take on the look of a Pirate. While Royal Heroes can go Ninja. Who?s best? Pirates or Ninjas?

Pirate Outfit: Pirate Hat, Eye Patch, Open Black Leather Jacket, Pirate Capri Trousers, Pirate Boots, Pirate?s Peg Leg.
Note: All these items have a permanent duration!

Martial Arts Outfit: Martial Arts Headband (Not shown here), Martial Arts Head Wrap, Karate Gi, Karate Trousers, Martial Arts Footwraps.
Note: All these items have a permanent duration!

You can also get Patton Parrot and Monty McMonkey to complete your look!
These pets are super-exclusive, super-limited items to celebrate the BFH Store?s grand opening. Only until the 31st of March.
What would a Pirate be without a Parrot on his shoulder? Practice Martial Arts, monkey style!
Note: Both of these items have a permanent duration!

For more information on the items in the store, and how it works, head over here!

And last, but not least, if you would like to see a list of the major updates and fixes included in this Game Update, you can find that here.

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